Phase One of GPS Repositioning Project Complete

Airmen with the 2nd Space Operations Squadron at Schriever AFB, Colo., have completed the repositioning of three Global Positioning System satellites on orbit, closing out the first of two phases in a project known as “Expandable 24.” Its purpose is to add three GPS spacecraft already on orbit to the set of 24 active GPS satellites, and then spread out some of these satellites in order to provide better worldwide GPS signal coverage to the US military, especially over areas like the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan. Civil GPS users also will benefit. Phase one concluded on Tuesday. Phase two, during which 2nd SOPS operators will maneuver three other GPS satellites into new positions, began last August and is expected to be completed this June. About this time last year, Air Force officials were referring to Expandable 24 as “24 plus 3.” (Schriever release)