Plan Proposed to Retain Reserve Aircrew Officers

An aviator retention pay program pending approval would offer certain Air Force Reserve pilots and combat systems operators a $30,000 bonus over a three-year span to remain in uniform, announced Air Force Reserve Command officials on Nov. 26. If approved by January, the program would begin in early 2013, states AFRC’s release. “The Air Force Reserve Command aircrew force is shrinking, particularly in pilots and combat systems operators,” said Lt. Gen. James Jackson, AFRC commander. He continued, “In this environment, every crewmember we can retain in the Total Force is absolutely vital.” The ARP offer would target only locations where significant shortfalls in rated officer manning exist. Those eligible for the bonus include pilots and CSOs who have completed their initial training commitment—including those eligible for retirement—but excluding those with 16 years to 20 years of service, and any pilot or CSO willing to join a critically manned unit between completion of the initial training commitment and 25 years of aviation service, according to the release.