Presence Matters, says Chandler

Without a doubt, Guam will continue to play a key role in maintaining stability in the Pacific, says Gen. Howie Chandler, Vice Chief of Staff. “Modern aerospace technology has dramatically increased the power and range of our aircraft, but it has not eliminated the need for presence,” said Chandler while visiting Andersen Air Force Base on the island this week and the spending time with the airmen of the 36th Wing. Since 2004, Andersen has hosted a continuous bomber presence of B-1s, B-2s, or B-52s rotating on four- to six-month intervals. Further, expeditionary contingents of fighters also operate from the base for months at a time on a rotational basis. Andersen, said Chandler, represents the United States’ “long-term commitment to the region.” (Andersen report by TSgt. Mike Andriacco)