Priceless Intangible Rewards

When airmen join the Air Force, they may do it for educational opportunities, financial stability, to find direction in life, or continue a family tradition, writes CMSAF James Cody in the latest Roll Call, released on June 11. “The reasons vary greatly, and none are wrong,” he writes. Over time, however, those motivations “must evolve,” he states. “We must grow to understand that service is about more than direction, pay, or education. It is about protecting American ideals, embracing the responsibility that comes with freedom, and strengthening our country through an unbreakable bond with the comrades who serve by our side,” writes Cody. Airmen must never forget that it is a privilege to be an airman and an honor to defend the nation, he states. When taking the oath to support and defend the Constitution, “remember what it stands for; remember the men and women who have taken the solemn oath before you; and remember that service is a calling with intangible rewards: pride, service, and duty,” writes Cody. “These will always be priceless.” (See previous Roll Call.)