Pro-Gear Policy Change

Beginning May 1, airmen will be limited to a maximum of 2,000 pounds of professional books, papers, and equipment during permanent change of station moves, according to a Feb. 12 release. The recently changed Defense Department policy also mandates that such items must be in a service member’s possession and that they are necessary for official duties at the next assignment, stated the release. Items include “instruments, tools, and equipment unique to technicians, mechanics, medical professionals, musicians, and members of the professions; and specialized clothing, such as diving suits, astronauts’ suits, flying suits and helmets, band uniforms, chaplain’s vestments, and other specialized apparel and abnormal uniforms or clothing,” said Michael Topolosky, USAF’s personal property policy chief, in the release. Items such as text books from previously attended schools are excluded from the policy. However, there is a grandfather clause that “allows anyone stationed overseas who transported more than 2,000 pounds of PBP&E before the change” to return to the US with the same number of items, stated the release.