Protesters Form Human Chain Outside Ramstein

Thousands of German demonstrators formed a chain outside the gates of Ramstein AB, Germany, over the weekend to protest drone operations by the US. Police estimated that up to 4,000 people gathered outside the base, in an effort organized by the group “Stop Ramstein—No Drone War,” reported Reuters. Organizers told the news agency they opposed the use of remotely piloted aircraft because data from the deployed RPAs routed through Ramstein is against the German constitution, and the base’s satellite relay station should be closed. Ramstein officials did not respond to the protest. The crowd included former German Finance Minister Oskar Lafontaine and Green party member of parliament Tabea Rössner, who said the drone program is radicalizing people in the Middle East, according to German news agency DW. The German publication referred to the protest as “the biggest ever action” against Ramstein.