Quick “Change of Leadership” for JSF

Quick “Change of Leadership” for JSF: Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Feb. 1 he planned to replace Marine Corps Maj. Gen. David Heinz, the head of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, with a three-star general officer. (Our Feb. 1 brief, Gates Fires F-35 Manager) Prompted by reporters, Gates added that the new JSF director will probably be named “in a day or so” and Heinz would get a new assignment. Gates said, during the defense budget rollout Feb. 1 that various Pentagon cost estimating teams have uncovered problems that led him to want to elevate the F-35 director to three-star level, commensurate with the program’s importance. Gates also stated that DOD “cannot absorb the additional costs in this program, and the delays, without people being held accountable.” Continue