Ramstein Gets New De-icing Facility

Maintainers de-icing airplanes for the 86th Airlift Wing at Ramstein AB, Germany, this winter will have use of a new de-icing chemical refueling facility that’s designed to make their jobs easier and safer, according to a base release. “This facility alleviates load time [for the de-icing chemicals] and no longer requires airmen climbing on top of a de-icer to refuel during hazardous winter conditions,” said MSgt. Michael Bagley, the 721st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron’s aircraft support flight supervisor, in Ramstein’s Oct. 21 release. It has features like increased de-icing fluid-storage capacity and a drive-through setup to enhance quick turnaround times for de-icing vehicles, states the release. Further, “new pumps feature an automated mixture system to ensure the correct amount of chemicals is combined and pumped into the vehicles,” said Bagley. The pumps also have features “to prevent major spills and overflows when refilling a de-icing vehicle’s tank,” he said. (Ramstein report by A1C Jordan Castelon)