Ramstein Mobility Airmen Partner With Bulgarians

Airmen with the 37th Airlift Squadron at Ramstein AB, Germany, are participating in a bilateral training exercise with the Bulgarian air force July 14-24, according to a release. More than 100 airmen with three C-130J Super Hercules aircraft ?deployed to Plovdiv to build joint readiness and interoperability with the Bulgarians, who have ramped up cooperation activities with the US since the beginning of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The exercise marks the sixth year the Bulgarians collaborated with USAF forces for training, said BAF Col. Petar Tsolov, the 87th division air force headquarters tactical branch commander. Airmen and soldiers from 50 career fields practiced operations, such as low-level formation training with C-130Js and Bulgarian C-27s, medical evacuation operations, operations from unimproved surface landing zones, and paratrooper insertion. Earlier this summer, a theater security package of USAF F-15Cs deployed to Bulgaria to train with BAF fighters, such as the MiG-29, and collaborate on air combat tactics, techniques, and procedures.