Randolph Eyed for Greater Fighter Training Role

Randolph AFB, Tex., is the preferred location for consolidation of Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals training units, announced Air Force officials Tuesday. The service is transitioning from five IFF training locations down to three due to the decrease in the annual IFF graduate requirement from 450 airmen to 380. IFF training is ending at Laughlin AFB, Tex., and Vance AFB, Okla., as part of this change, leaving IFF activities at Randolph, Columbus AFB, Miss., and Sheppard AFB, Tex. As the preferred alternative, Randolph “would accept 15 additional T-38 Talons and train approximately 80 additional students annually,” said Kathleen Ferguson, USAF’s deputy assistant secretary for installations. Sheppard is already operating at its full capacity for this mission. Columbus is the reasonable alternative for the consolidation if Randolph doesn’t pan out based on the environmental impact assessment. (Randolph release)