Random Acts of Kindness

Topping off the fuel tanks of junior enlisted airmen’s cars at the base service station, Air Force first sergeants at JB Langley-Eustis, Va., gave away nearly 300 gallons of free fuel as part of their random acts of kindness program. “It brings a great sense of satisfaction to know that we are able to take care of our airmen who work so diligently to accomplish the mission every day,” said MSgt. Rob Mediavilla, 633rd Medical Group first sergeant. “The demands of a high operational tempo and thinning force continually take their toll on our airmen. So it is nice to be able to give something tangible back,” he added. The First Sergeants Council’s $1,000 fuel giveaway on Feb. 27 was an extension of its holiday campaign to provide for needy families on base. “I think it’s amazing, especially with the rise in gas prices,” said SrA. Shalayne Dulan, 1st Fighter Wing knowledge operations manager. “We really appreciate it.” (Langley-Eustis report by TSgt. Randy Redman)