Rated Requirement Lifted for Air Liaison Officers

The Air Force has removed the rated requirement for air liaison officers, thereby allowing company grade officers, accession candidates, or enlisted airmen the chance to serve in this role. ALOs are the primary airpower advisers to Army ground commanders. “More than ever, there is desperate need for ALOs . . . as smaller groups of ground forces continue to operate in a larger area of operations,” said Maj. Chris Wright, ALO schoolhouse commander at Hurlburt Field, Fla. That need prompted the Air Force to lift the prerequisite for rated pilots and air battle managers. Wright said non-rated ALOs can be mission-ready in 12 months, about one-fourth the time required to build rated ALO officers. The Air Force has already graduated two classes of non-rated ALOs and intends to graduate one class per month in 2011. (SAF/PA report by MSgt. Amaani Lyle)