Raytheon: High Schools Not Feeding Cyber Pipeline

In a Raytheon-sponsored cybersecurity survey, eighty-two percent of the 1,000 US millennials (age 18 to 26 years) polled did not have a high school teacher or guidance counselor ever mention to them the idea of a career in cybersecurity. The survey results, issued on Oct. 15, also found that less than one-quarter of these young adults believed a career in cybersecurity was “interesting at all,” states a company release. “Given we need to add thousands of cybersecurity professionals to the workforce in the coming years, the data show we have a long way to go in engaging young people,” said Michael Kaiser, executive director of the public-private National Cyber Security Alliance. Young men were more interested than women in cybersecurity (35 percent to 14 percent), states the release. Zogby Analytics conducted the survey for Raytheon in early September to support National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October. (Survey report; caution, large-sized file.)