Raytheon Receives $528-Million AMRAAM Contract Mod

Raytheon Company recently received a $528.7-million fixed-price-incentive contract modification from the Air Force for its Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles to deliver Lot 29 AMRAAMs for the US military as well as foreign military sales. Work on the contract will be performed at the company’s Tucson, Ariz., facilities and will be complete by January 2018, the company announced in a statement. According to the USAF Life Cycle Management Center contract filing, some $294.6 million in Fiscal 2015 Air Force and Navy production funds were obligated at the time of award. Thirty-six countries currently field the AMRAAM as the go-to medium-range air-to-air missile for fourth generation aircraft. The AMRAAM is integrated on USAF’s F-16, F-15, F-22, and is undergoing integration testing on the F-35. USAF leaders have said they are concerned about the long-term future of USAF’s air superiority capabilities, and want to put more study into developing new air-to-air weapons, such as longer-range missiles, which can function in degraded or contested environments.