Red Flag-Alaska Underway

The first Red Flag-Alaska exercise of the new fiscal year began Oct. 6 at the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex, according to a press release. More than 60 aircraft and hundreds of participants—including US Army units and participants from the Republic of Korea (ROK), Israel, and Sweden—have traveled from around the world for the exercise. The mission will include a joint drill where US and ROK forces simulate an attack on North Korean nuclear facilities, according to the Korea Times. Participating in the drill will be Korean F-15K and US F-16 and F-15C aircraft, the Times reported. “We’re here to promote peace among our allies,” said Col. David Mineau, the 354th Fighter Wing commander, according to the release. “We are here to train with a ready to fight tonight attitude.” The exercise also includes the “largest airlift component” this year, said Lt. Col. Dennis Lincoln, commander of the 354th Operations Group Det. 1, in a release. “We have up to 10 different airlift aircraft here … we’re dropping up to 700 soldiers through the various airlift entities, with the focus being the joint international integration between [United States Army Alaska] and airlift.”