Red Tails Arrive at Bagram for Six-Month Tour

Airmen and F-16s from the Alabama National Guard’s 100th Fighter Squadron in Montgomery touched down at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, on a six-month combat deployment, according to a Bagram release. This mark’s the unit’s first tour in Afghanistan, states the May 2 release. First Lt. Samuel Kniskern, 100th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron intelligence officer in charge, said the Alabama air guardsmen will serve the entire six-month rotation, something unusual for Air Guard units, which usually swap out more frequently. The F-16s arrived on April 27. These airmen will provide over-watch and close air support during their time at Bagram. “I think morale is pretty high; everyone realizes it is a six-month deployment and we are all digging in together,” said Kniskern. (Bagram report by SSgt. Evelyn Chavez)