Registering Women for the Draft?

Reps. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) and Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) on Thursday introduced legislation that would require women to register for the draft. The legislation is a response to Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s decision to open all military occupational specialties to women. “It’s wrong and irresponsible to make wholesale changes to the way America fights its wars without the American people having a say on whether their daughters and sisters will be on the front lines of combat,” said Hunter, a Marine Corps veteran. “It’s unfortunate that a bill like this even needs to be introduced,” he said, adding that he may vote against his own legislation it if it is considered during the defense authorization process. Zinke, who served as a Navy SEAL for 23 years, said that while women “play an invaluable role in war,” the plan “to force all front-line combat positions and Special Forces to integrate women into their units is reckless and dangerous.” Zinke added that the “natural conclusion” of the policy is to open the draft to women. The leaders of the Army and Marine Corps on Tuesday told the Senate Armed Services Committee that women should be required to register for the Selective Service.