Relying on the Raptors

The US continues to send F-22 Raptors in on strike packages throughout Iraq and Syria, Air Forces Central Command boss Lt. Gen. Charles Brown said on Thursday. The fifth generation aircraft has constantly been deployed to support Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq and Syria since the F-22 made its combat debut in September 2014. The jet has not only conducted air strikes, but it has helped to coordinate targets with other aircraft and it repeatedly re-roles in flight to assist in other missions, such as surveillance and command and control, said Brown. Early in the war, the jet served so well the coalition stopped sending strike packages into certain areas without an F-22 escort, Gen. Hawk Carlisle said in September. Brown said he continues to rely on the Raptor to help strike missions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the jet has maintained a constant presence in support of the coalition.