Reported Sexual Assaults Rose Slightly in Fiscal 2011

The number of reported sexual assaults in the US military increased from 3,158 in Fiscal 2010 to 3,192 in Fiscal 2011, according to the Pentagon’s newly issued 2011 Annual Report on Sexual Assaults in the Military. “Sexual assault has no place in this department. It is an affront to the basic American values we defend, and to the good honor of our service members and their families,” stated Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in a Pentagon release. He met with lawmakers on Monday to discuss proposed new measures for confronting the issue. There were 614 reports of sexual assault in the Air Force in Fiscal 2011. That’s almost a five percent increase from the 585 cases filed in Fiscal 2010. The increase may be due to “increased publicity and greater familiarity” with efforts to counter sexual assault, states the report. (Fiscal 2011 sexual assault fact sheet and full report; caution, exceedingly large file.) (See also An Air Force War on Sexual Assaults from Air Force Magazine’s January issue.)