Rescuers Adopting Precision Airdrop System

The 58th Rescue Squadron at Nellis AFB, Nev., is adapting the Air Force’s GPS-guided Joint Precision Airdrop System to support combat rescue officers and pararescuemen in the field. “We’re currently in the initial phase of building a true precision airdrop capability for Air Force rescue,” said Maj. Jose Cabrera, 58th RQS operations director. JPADS can either steer rescue equipment to a pre-programmed point, or “a CRO or PJ jumping behind the package can control it” via a chest-mounted computer, explained SrA. Dalton Harper, 58th RQS equipment journeyman. “Whether we jump in tow with a guided equipment bundle, remotely control a re-supply bundle from the ground as the bundle falls from an aircraft, or simply airdrop a sustainment package to a downed airman while awaiting recovery,” the system revolutionizes rescuers’ ability to get the supplies they need almost anywhere, said Cabrera. (Nellis report by 1st. Lt. Laura Balch)