Right Supplies, Right Place

Pacific Air Forces is looking at ways to preposition supplies and equipment throughout its area of responsibility so it is ready when needed, however, such plans are not nearly as specific as those outlined in the European Reassurance Initiative, PACAF Commander Gen. Lori Robinson told Air Force Magazine at AWS16. The Pacific AOR is more than half of the globe, but a significant portion of it is water. Robinson said that if she looks at the places the US has air bases, and the other places USAF could go but does not have air bases, it’s a small area but a difficult logistical problem. This becomes particularly important with humanitarian assistance disaster relief missions, Robinson said. PACAF must have “the right supply at the right place for the right reason,” Robinson said. The command also has been working for the past six months to update the PACAF strategy, and expects to release it within the next six months, Robinson said.