Robins Humming Again with C-17 Countermeasures Work

After a hiatus of more than one year, workers at Robins AFB, Ga., have once again begun to install the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures System on C-17 transports, according to Robins officials. Sheet metal and aircraft mechanics, electricians, and hydraulics technicians from the 562nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron were already nearing completion of the first aircraft since the work recommenced, according to a Nov. 2 base release. “The pause in LAIRCM installations on C-17 aircraft was due to a delay in procuring the long-lead parts needed for the installation process,” Robins spokeswoman Christine Miner told the Daily Report. She added, “Although previously contracted C-17 LAIRCM installations completed in July 2010, contractual agreements for further installations were not definitized until September 2010. C-17 installations restarted upon parts becoming available in February 2012.” LAIRCM features a suite of sensors and lasers that work together to thwart anti-aircraft missiles with infrared guidance shot at the C-17. The system is also fitted on C-5s and C-130s.