Robotic Refueling System Scores Another Test Success

For the second time since April, Air Force researchers at Tyndall AFB, Fla., have successfully demonstrated a robotic system for refueling aircraft on the ground. This automated aircraft ground refueling, or AAGR, prototype holds the promise of replacing the manual method that airmen must now perform on the flightline, including when an aircraft’s engines are running. AAGR is remotely controlled and equipped with cameras, proximity sensors, and a guidance package to maneuver close to an aircraft, couple with it, and then pass fuel to it via a refueling nozzle. While an F-35 mock-up is being used for the testing, AAGR technology is applicable to many aircraft types. The second test took place in July. Like the original trial in April, it was a dry run, with no actual fuel transfer. Researchers want to continue maturing AAGR for eventual field testing. (Tyndall release)