Roll Call Emphasizes Developmental Special Duties?

The Air Force will select 1,000 staff sergeants, technical sergeants, and master sergeants to serve in a variety of special assignment duties this month, announced CMSAF James Cody in the November Roll Call. The airmen were nominated from their major commands from a pool of some 7,500 personnel. “They are the best of the best—the first to be hand-picked for these roles under the new process,” wrote Cody. Under the new rules, supervisors and commanders must first give their approval before an airman can move into one of these special assignments. “These airmen will now be in a position to leverage their proven performance across the force.” Those selected will become military training instructors, recruiters, Air Force Honor Guardsmen, first sergeants, professional military education instructors, career advisors, Airman and Family Readiness Center NCOs, and more. “These airmen will directly guide and develop our force,” wrote Cody. The NCOs will then return to their former “career fields where they will use their added experience to influence countless airmen,” he wrote.