Rolling the Colors, Not the Mission

The Joint Task Force-Global Network Operations has been inactivated, with US Cyber Command subsuming its duties and personnel. The Pentagon established the task force, known as JTF-GNO, in 2004 under US Strategic Command. Its mission was to direct the operations and defense of the global information grid, the US military’s computer network. Now that mission falls under the purview of CYBERCOM, which stood up in May at Fort Meade, Md., as a sub-unified command under STRATCOM. “Today, we are rolling the flag at JTF-GNO, but we’re not rolling the mission,” said Gen. Kevin Chilton, STRATCOM boss, during the task force’s Sept. 7 inactivation ceremony in Arlington, VA. Indeed, protecting the network will be “as essential tomorrow as it is today,” he said. (AFPS release by Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden)