Rose-colored Glasses?

The United States would agree to “a political framework” with Russia on ballistic missile defense, “including a statement that our missile defenses are not directed at Russia,” said Frank Rose, deputy assistant secretary of state for arms control, Thursday. “Any statement will be politically binding and it would publicly proclaim our intent to cooperate and chart the direction for cooperation, not limitations,” stated Rose during a speech at a defense symposium in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Rose said Russia has raised the issue of “a legal guarantee” with a set of military-technical criteria, but the United States does not favor that. He noted that such a guarantee could “in effect, create limitations on our ability to develop and deploy future missile defense systems” and the Obama Administration wouldn’t agree to that. “We certainly cannot accept limitations on our ability to defend ourselves, our allies, and our partners,” said Rose. He added, “We also will not accept limitations on the capabilities, and numbers of our missile defense systems.” (Rose transcript) (See also Get in the Tent.)