Russian Delegation Visits F.E. Warren

Senior Russian military officers and Russian nuclear security experts visited F.E. Warren AFB, Wyo., last week for exercise Crimson Rider, which is intended to improve cooperation between the US and Russia. “Exercises like this enable good discussion among security experts from both countries, which in turn, can lead to adopting the best practices available to ensure the tightest security for nuclear weapons,” said Maj. Gen. Donald Alston, 20th Air Force commander, in a release. During the Aug. 9-11 visit, the delegation toured several base facilities and observed the Air Force’s procedures for protecting those facilities. “From the moment we arrived here, we saw that you take your duties very seriously,” said Brig. Gen. Vladimir Iskulov, a member of the delegation. “From the very top to the bottom, everyone knows their duties and they executed them flawlessly.” The Russians will host the next exchange and demonstration in 2013.