Satellite Launch at Vandenberg

The Air Force and its industry partners last week launched a classified National Reconnaissance Office payload into space aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg AFB, Calif. “Without a doubt, every launch is a major feat, and I’m extremely proud of Team Vandenberg for yet another job well done,” said Col. Richard Boltz, commander of Vandy’s 30th Space Wing. The April 14 mission was the last of six launches during NRO’s 50th anniversary year in 2010-11. “[T]oday culminates one of the most aggressive launch schedules in our history. I am immensely proud of the contractor and government team who came together to support these missions. Their hard work and dedication ensures our nation’s critical edge in space well into the next decade,” said Col. Alan Davis, who heads NRO’s space launch office. The previous NRO launch was March 11 in Florida. (Vandenberg release) (NRO release)