Scientific Board Tasked to Review Cockpit Oxygen Systems

Air Force Secretary Michael Donley has directed the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board to conduct a quick-look study of the onboard oxygen-generation systems used on the F-22 and the service’s other aircraft, USAF officials announced Thursday. This move comes after the stand-down of the F-22 fleet in May due to concern over the Raptors’ OBOGS. Retired Gen. Gregory Martin is leading a senior team of scientific and technical experts in this study. They will gather and evaluate information and recommend any needed corrective actions for the F-22 OBOGS as well as those used on the A-10, F-15E, F-16, F-35, B-1, B-2, CV-22, T-6, and other aircraft, as appropriate. A series of carefully controlled in-flight tests will examine subsystems including the pressurization system, mask, and cockpit oxygen levels. “The safety of our aircrews is paramount,” said Maj. Gen. Gregory Feest, Air Force Chief of Safety. “This review is a prudent step to ensure [that].” With the exception of F-22s, Air Force units will continue normal operations during the study. At this time, there’s no intention to ground any other aircraft in the inventory, said the officials. (SAF/PA report by Maj. Chad Steffey)