SDB II Clears Live Testing

Raytheon’s Small Diameter Bomb II successfully destroyed moving targets during recent live fire tests, opening the door to low-rate initial rate production, the company announced on Feb. 16. “These tests showcased the weapon’s new multi-effects warhead that provides SDB II with the capability to destroy targets while reducing collateral damage,” said company program director John O’Brien. Air Force and industry testers completed two live-munition test drops at White Sands Missile Test Range, N. M., and plans additional test-drops as SDB II begins LRIP, according to the release. SDB II employs an enhanced three-mode millimeter-wave radar, imaging infrared, and semi-active laser seeker package to enable it to distinguish and hit moving targets from up to 46 miles. Raytheon successfully hit moving targets in a series of inert test-drops last September.