SDB II Takes Out Targets in Tests

Raytheon and the Air Force completed a series of flight tests of the Small Diameter Bomb II, according to the company. The munition, using upgraded hardware and electronics, “successfully acquired and engaged several stationary targets,” states Raytheon’s June 26 release. These tests showcased the ability of the bomb’s tri-mode seeker “to acquire, track, engage, and destroy both stationary and moving targets in adverse weather,” said John O’Brien, the company’s SDB II program director. “Upcoming live-fire tests will prove the end-to-end capability of SDB II and will demonstrate the program’s readiness to progress to system verification review and milestone C, clearing the way for low-rate initial production,” he said. The bomb has a range of more than 40 nautical miles, states the release. (See also SDB II Scores Hits in Flight Tests.)