Seasoned, Capable, and Cost-effective

Air Force Reservists comprise nearly 14 percent of the Air Force’s total authorized end strength, but consume only 5.3 percent of the service’s personnel budget and provide nearly 20 percent of the Air Force’s overall capability, Lt. Gen. Charles Stenner, Air Force Reserve chief, told lawmakers. “The Air Force Reserve has never had a more seasoned and capable force, equipped to support missions around the globe,” he said last week in testimony before the House Armed Services Committee’s tactical air and land forces panel. Air Force Reserve officers average roughly 15 years of experience; its enlisted members average 14 years of experience, he said during the Oct. 12 hearing. That compares to 11 years and 9 years for active duty officers and enlisted members, respectively, he noted. “This experience translates into additional cost efficiencies, such as reduced aircrew training costs for experienced aviators, who require fewer flying hours for training,” said Stenner. (Stenner’s prepared remarks) (For more from Stenner, read NGREA Funding Makes a Difference.)