Second SBIRS Satellite Completes Acoustic Testing

The second Space Based Infrared System geosynchronous spacecraft has successfully completed acoustic testing—one of several critical environmental tests that validate the overall design of the satellite and its ability to survive in space, company officials announced. Next up, is the thermal vacuum testing, which will validate its performance at extreme temperatures similar to those it will be exposed to during on-orbit operations. “SBIRS GEO-2 is progressing very smoothly on the path to delivery, and successful acoustic testing of the space vehicle is indicative of the team’s increasing expertise in fielding SBIRS spacecraft,” said Col. Scott Larrimore, chief of the Air Force’s SBIRS space division, in a Lockheed release. The Air Force and Lockheed team are “focused on executing an efficient and thorough environmental test phase and ultimately delivering the much needed capabilities SBIRS GEO-2 will bring to our warfighter.” The first SBIRS satellite was placed in orbit in May and the second is expected to launch next year.