Second SBIRS Satellite Completes Key Ground Test

The Air Force’s second Space Based Infrared Systems geosynchronous satellite, GEO-2, successfully completed its baseline integrated system test recently at prime contractor Lockheed Martin’s facility in Sunnyvale, Calif., announced USAF officials. During these tests, engineers evaluated the satellite and its components to ensure that they properly operated as a total system. “The successful completion of this milestone is indicative of the team’s increasing level of expertise leveraging our successful GEO-1 integration campaign,” said Col. Scott Larrimore, SBIRS space division chief. “We are well on our way to delivering the second SBIRS GEO satellite.” GEO-1 is the Air Force’s first SBIRS geosynchronous satellite. The Air Force and its industry partners placed it in orbit on May 7. That satellite is now undergoing on-orbit testing. Next up for GEO-2 is environmental testing to determine the flight worthiness of the satellite in the space environment. Its launch is slated for next year.