Selective Reenlistment Bonus List Revised

The Air Force has modified its list of selective reenlistment bonuses, announced Air Force Personnel Center officials at JBSA-Randolph, Tex. AFPC officials have added three Air Force specialty codes to the list: 1B4X1 cyberspace defense operations, 4R0X1C diagnostic imaging (magnetic), and 4Y0X1H dental assistant (dental hygiene, with associate of the arts degree), Michael Dickerson, AFPC media chief, told the Daily Report on Jan. 7. Two codes will see an increase in bonus amounts: 1C1X1 air traffic control and 4N0X1C aerospace medical service (training and certification requirements met), he said. Further, one AFSC will see a decrease in the bonus amount: 3N0X5 photojournalist, and AFPC is dropping one code from the list: 2W2X1 nuclear weapons, said Dickerson. The Air Force utilizes SRBs to help maintain the correct numbers and skills levels of airmen in critical and chronically undermanned fields, said Michael McLaughlin, AFPC’s chief of reenlistments, in the center’s Dec. 28 release. These changes increase the number of AFSCs that receive an SRB in one or more zones to 55 career fields, states the release.