Showing Off the New Stuff

Airmen at US Air Forces in Europe’s Air Ground Operations School recently spent a week familiarizing Estonian and Swedish forward air controllers with some of the new equipment and techniques available to conduct close air support sorties. The AGOS worked with members of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force to set up and provide the training from Aug. 17-21. Lt. Col. Tony Forkner, AGOS commander, said, “We’re giving them the opportunity to practice in simulator scenarios and provide equipment which some of the nations may not have at home for hands-on instruction but may encounter down range.” Although they are trained FACs, TSgt. Nicholas Picoc, in charge of AGOS training and evaluations, said, “Our intent is to get them familiar with all the new stuff that has come out in the last couple of years.” (USAFE report by MSgt. Corey Clements)