Small Munition Clears Test

Raytheon announced the successful completion of a warhead and guidance system test for its Pyros small tactical munition, a 13.5-pound bomb meant for carriage on small-sized remotely piloted aircraft. The recent end-to-end test at Yuma Proving Ground, Ariz., validated the weapon’s guidance modes, height-of-burst sensor, electronic safe-and-arm device, and multi-effects warhead, according to the company’s release. “All systems functioned perfectly,” said Tom Bussing, Raytheon’s vice president of advanced missile systems. “This test demonstrated the technical maturity of Pyros,” he added. The next step is “to complete ongoing integration work on fielded platforms and prepare for production,” he said. During the test, a Raytheon Cobra RPA deployed the 22-inch-long Pyros against simulated insurgents planting an improvised explosive device, states the release, dated Aug. 7. (See also Mini Bomb a Verified Hit.)