Small Talk

The Air Force currently has no plans to integrate the miniature air launched decoy, or MALD, on platforms other than the F-16 and B-52, the service’s acquisition shop tells the Daily Report. In the past, Air Force officials have spoken of potentially operating them on additional aircraft such as F-15Es. There are also “no plans at this time” to develop the MALD air vehicle beyond the roles of decoy and radar jammer, the office said. MALD-maker Raytheon says the air vehicle’s modular design allows it to adapt easily to other roles like jamming enemy communications. USAF is nearing the in-service date for the ADM-160B MALD, which is designed to confuse enemy air defenses. The ADM-160C MALD-J, the jammer variant, is expected to enter the inventory in several years. The Air Force intends to buy a total of 3,000 MALD and MALD-Js. (For more read, Time to Be Fooled.)