Sniper SE Production Cleared

Lockheed Martin received clearance from the Air Force to begin full-rate production of an upgraded version of the Sniper targeting pod, announced the company on Wednesday. Developed as a quick-reaction capability under the Air Force’s Advanced Targeting Pod-Sensor Enhancement program, the updated Sniper is capable of pinpointing targets beyond visual range, according to the company. “With Sniper ATP-SE, aircrews and ground forces can identify targets faster and farther away, boosting their situational awareness and ensuring their safety in high-threat environments,” said Bill Spangenberg, Lockheed Martin’s Sniper program manager, in the company’s Jan. 16 release. The pod has already undergone testing and integration on the A-10, B-1, B-52, F-15E, and F-16, and “initial deployment of Sniper ATP-SE pods will occur this year,” said Spangenberg. Sniper SE incorporates new sensors and processors and boasts greater image stability and accuracy. The upgrades enhance its utility for reconnaissance augmentation with a high-resolution video data link. (See also Lockheed, Northrop Win Advanced Targeting Pod Work and Full-rate Production for Litening SE Pod.)