Space Unit Passes Compliance Inspection

The Space Logistics Group at Peterson AFB, Colo., has passed its first-ever compliance inspection. The unit received an overall grade of “in compliance with comments,” meaning that its airmen were doing their work properly. “These inspections are rigorous, thorough, and purposefully designed to ensure the unit is able to accomplish [its] mission,” said Col. Scott Gilson, Air Force Space Command’s inspector general, in a Peterson release. The group is responsible for sustaining and maintaining the US military’s space weapons systems. It is a subordinate unit of the Space and Missile Systems Center, which is headquartered at Los Angeles AFB, Calif. Twenty-five AFSPC inspectors conducted the eight-day evaluation, which concluded earlier this week. Gilson said they examined “leadership, training, and performance at all levels of the organization” to look for shortfalls that would impact maximum mission effectiveness.