Spit and Polished

Approximately 30 airmen from Ramstein AB, Germany, volunteered approximately 260 total man-hours April 22-24 to help restore the C-54 and C-47 aircraft on display at the Berlin Airlift Memorial site on the former Rhein Main AB near Frankfurt International Airport. They teamed up with volunteer employees from Lufthansa Technik, the maintenance company for Lufthansa Airlines. “It was a great opportunity coming down here to participate in taking care of our history and our heritage,” said SMSgt. Todd Piazza of US Air Forces in Europe headquarters who led the team of airmen volunteers. Fraport AG, the company that manages the airport, organized and funded the bulk of the clean-up and restoration in preparation for the Berlin Airlift 60th anniversary celebration that will take place Jun. 26. (Ramstein report by TSgt. Corey Clements)