Spotlight: TSgt. Dustin K. Goodwin

One of the Air Force’s 12 Outstanding Airmen of the Year for 2011, TSgt. Dustin K. Goodwin is a flight chief assigned to the 48th Security Forces Squadron at RAF Lakenheath, Britain. Goodwin has deployed twice to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Recently in Afghanistan, in a three-hour-long attack against his facility, he engaged 20 enemy fighters and killed three himself—at one point shunning full cover to take out two insurgents who were throwing grenades. He received a Bronze Star Medal and Air Force Combat Action Medal. He also responded outside the wire to 13 enemy rocket attacks, receiving an Army Combat Action Badge. Goodwin helped foil an espionage plot and organized transfer of a high-value-target prisoner, receiving State Department praise. He also worked with the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division and US Secret Service to help defuse a potential threat to the President. Goodwin’s home of record is Forbestown, Calif. He represents US Air Forces in Europe among this year’s outstanding airmen. The Daily Report is shining the spotlight on each OAY. Also featured to date:

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