Stabilize and Strengthen

Gen. David Goldfein said Wednesday his key goals for his four-year term as USAF Chief of Staff were to “stabilize the force” and to strengthen the service’s role as part of the joint force that will respond to any future conflict. During a town hall meeting with airmen at JBSA-Randolph, Texas, Goldfein responded to several questions with his view of how the Air Force contributes to the joint force, with its multi-domain ability to gather data, develop that into information, and provide command and control for execution. He said the current process of moving data through those steps is “far too slow.” The key to the future, he said, is “to tie all those together,” to quickly share data “for a common mission picture.” Going beyond the joint US force to coalition operations, Goldfein said the old question of what can be shared with allies must be changed to: “What can’t we share?” Responding to a concern about funding reductions, the chief called the national budget deficit the biggest long-term threat to the nation and said the services must ensure they are making every dollar count.