Stealthy Jeep Eyed for Special Operators

The Air Force Research Lab wants to develop a stealthy, autonomous jeep that could ferry at least two special operators and their equipment day or night through rugged terrain and inclement weather in hostile areas, while avoiding detection. The vehicle is “envisioned to be used in special operations by a small crew of men in a forward-insertion and recovery-type mission,” according to AFRL’s request for information. Lab officials want the vehicle to be able to transport a total of up to 700 pounds for at least 18 miles. The vehicle “must be able to work autonomously with only minimal inputs” from the special operators, states the RFI. Lab officials also want the vehicle to be capable of avoiding detection by enemy patrols that “respond to visual and audible cues” out of the ordinary, notes the document. They also envision the vehicle fitting in the CV-22, according to the RFI, issued on July 20. (See also MSNBC report)