Strengthening Strike Eagle’s Defense

F-15E Strike Eagle maintenance units at Seymour Johnson AFB, N. C., established a special team to correct the high failure rates with the jets radar warning receivers. “We’ve fixed a lot of jets and made sure these detection systems continue working at peak performance, because our pilots put their lives in our hands every time they fly,” 4th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Electronic Warfare Barn chief TSgt. Michael Price said in a release, Oct. 14. Since January, the team has inspected, repaired, and validated the ALR-56C Radar Warning Receiver System on 90 jets, and is working to bring the 4th Fighter Wing’s fleet up to 100 percent RWR reliability, according to the release. “We want this system to have maximum sensitivity, so the aircrew has the maximum amount of warning time they need,” added 4th FW avionics manager MSgt. Rodger Boles. “This is not a system we can afford to become compromised.” Seymour Johnson modeled its solution on work done on F-15s at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho.