Strike Eagle CSO Pegs One Grand in Combat

An F-15E combat systems officer, deployed from Seymour Johnson AFB, N.C., and assigned to the 335th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron, surpassed 1,000 combat flight hours during an armed sortie over Southwest Asia last week, according to a Jan. 19 Air Forces Central Command release. “I love my job, protecting the troops on the ground and [knowing] that there is always something new to learn or improve,” said the major after the Jan. 12 flight. His name is being withheld due to “security and safety reasons,” states the release. He flew the first of his 176 combat sorties in 2004, and has logged over 2,200 hours total flight time, according to the release. “I am surrounded by highly motivated, intelligent, talented people who hold themselves to the highest standards,” noted the combat systems operator. “I wouldn’t have a single combat hour without the contribution of the entire team.”