Survey Says Airmen Satisfied with Jobs

The overwhelming majority of airmen who responded to the 2010 Air Force Climate Survey said they were happy with their jobs. Of the more than 172,000 airmen who filled out the online survey last fall, 80 percent said they liked their job and 95 percent said they believed that their unit was accomplishing its mission. Eight-two percent said they were generally satisfied with the Air Force, although many acknowledged that their stress levels have increased and that they have heavier workloads and longer work hours due to fellow personnel being deployed. Despite the increased stress, the number of airmen who intend to remain on active duty increased slightly over the results of the previous survey from 2008. More than 90 percent believed that their supervisors trusted them, while 83 percent said they reciprocated that trust. The next Air Force Climate Survey will be in 2012. (Randolph release)