Suspect Arrested in Stone Stabbing

Sacramento Police arrested a man they believe stabbed train hero Spencer Stone. Stone, who was promoted to staff sergeant Oct. 30, was out with four friends on Oct. 8 in Sacramento when a fight began, police said. He was stabbed four times in the torso and required extensive medical treatment; he was released from the hospital Oct. 19. The suspect, 28-year-old James Tran, was arrested Nov. 4 for the charge of attempted murder. In 2008, Tran pleaded no contest to possession of a controlled substance for sale, the Sacramento Bee reported. Stone and two childhood friends stopped a terrorist attack aboard a high-speed train to Paris in August. On a visit to Washington, they met with President Obama, who said they “represent the very best of America.” (See also Stopping Terror on the Tracks from the November issue of Air Force Magazine.)