Swedes Train with Lakenheath Airmen

A contingent of Swedish air force personnel and JAS-39 Gripen fighters concluded a week of training at RAF Lakenheath, England, with 48th Fighter Wing airmen and their F-15Cs and F-15Es. The Gripen pilots went up against F-15C and F-15E pilots in simulated air-to-air combat scenarios. “I thought the training was a huge success, and to work with our sister wing from Sweden was outstanding,” said Capt. Mike Culhane, C-flight commander with Lakenheath’s 493rd Fighter Squadron. “We executed our mission along with the Swedish pilots seamlessly. We were very impressed with the Gripen; it’s a very capable aircraft.” The Swedish visit concluded on Nov. 18. “For most of our pilots, this is the first time flying against F-15s, so the training was superb in attaining that experience,” said Swedish air force Lt. Col. Joergem Marqvardsem, 211 Squadron commander. (Lakenheath report by SSgt. Connor Estes)