The Joint Team

The United States is going to continue to be a world leader and the US military will continue to protect America’s interests when and where required. But the Defense Department’s ability to widely rollback its adversaries’ anti-access and area-denial capabilities is going to decrease over time, making it more important than ever that the services work together as a joint team, said Gen. Philip Breedlove, Air Force vice chief of staff, Thursday. “Our opponents are extremely good at exploiting our weaknesses. They have watched us disassemble nations with relatively good militaries over the last couple of years and they don’t want to end up on the other side,” Breedlove said at an industry conference in Washington, D.C. He added, “We have to become incredibly interdependent in our approach. We can’t do this via ad hoc relations.” That realization was that take-away from the AirSea Battle discussion with the Navy over the last year, he said.